We at Ray Templates now offer premium WordPress themes that one can buy and then directly download from his or her account. Though we don’t have too many premium themes on offer right now, but that will change with time. So our main focus is on Premium WordPress themes now, though we will continue to host the free templates as we have done in the past.

Ray Templates has been offering free templates from the beginning and we want to continue with that. So a majority of the themes are free Blogger templates and you will also find free WP themes too. The free templates are provided by authors or designers who are experts at creating WordPress themes and template designs and have been generous enough to provide the templates for free.

To submit free templates, authors / designers can simply create an account with us and submit their templates, which we in turn make them available for Free Download to you. We are grateful to the authors for their generosity for providing the templates absolutely Free to the community.

Please note that we do not, however, accept paid or premium templates by other authors or designers to be sold on our site. As of now, we only make available premium WordPress themes created in house by our own designers. So all premium wp themes on our site will be by Ray Templates only.

We want our site to be as helpful to you as possible. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or comments to make, you are most welcome to write to us at feedback[@]raytemplates.com. Or you can contact us through by filling the form here.