We welcome contributions to this site in the form of articles and tutorials. As the name of the site suggests, it is related to templates. The site also offers freebies like icons, patterns, textures etc. So articles should be related to the theme of the site; same goes for tutorials.

– We are looking for original and quality content only.
– Your contribution should not have been shared elsewhere on the internet.
– Do not forget to include images wherever applicable.
– Always be fair and give proper credits wherever applicable.
– All articles should be minimum 500+ words.

Author Credit

Once your article is accepted for publication on the site, you can include a bio at the end of the article or tutorial. One link back to the authors site and one to his social profile is allowed. However, please do not ask for link backs from keywords, as it is not allowed. Also no link back from the article body.

Accepted Formats For Contributions

You can send your contribution in Word, text or HTML format. Include images wherever required. You can zip the files if required.

Send your contributions to feedback[@]raytemplates.com (I know feedback sounds a bit strange for sending contributions, however, we will make use of it for the time being.)