Top 10 Hotel & Resort Website Design For Your Inspiration

In this post, we bring you the top 10 hotel & resort websites for your inspiration.

We would like to mention here that it is possible that we have missed out your favorite hotel. And that is not because we hate it, but most probably we did not find it. In such a case you can mention it in the comments below, and we will try our best to include it in the list.

What we learned analyzing these beautiful hotel & resort website is that almost all of them uses images extensively. I mean they are full of relevant images. The images are not only of the luxurious hotels & resorts but also of the surrounding area depicting the essence of the local area.

The images immerse you in your imagination, and you can feel how it is going to be when you get there. The images try & evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

As far as the navigation is concerned, most of the hotel & resort websites try to minimize interruption by using as fewer menu items as they possibly can.

The call to action button is usually prominent on the top right with a very contrasting color to catch your attention. And of course, it usually says book now. Because that is the primary action they want you to take.

Some websites also used video very creatively to their advantage. After all, this is the information age with very fast broadband connections and speeds. So video won’t slow anything down. On the contrary, it could add a lot more than a mere picture can add.

Just image is a picture is worth a thousand words, how much would a video be worth?

Usually, the font & the colors are synonymous with the region where the hotel is located to give you a feel of the region.

Let me not bog you down with too many details. You go over the websites yourself and decide what you think.

Flora Group Hotels

Flora Hospitality is a quality driven collection of hotels & hotel apartments within one of the world’s most modern and fastest growing cities, Dubai.

Welcome to Dubai – Welcome to Flora Hospitality, where our promise of pure value, pure quality and pure service is delivered.

An essential attribute of all Flora Hospitality properties is their convenience and central locations. With a portfolio of nine hotels and hotel Deluxe apartments, they have established a presence in major regions in Dubai covering Deira, the Creek, and the Airport.

We loved the simplicity of the website design.

Visit Flora Group Hotels Website

Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International

With over 45 years of experience in Turkey and internationally, Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International offers its business partners a promising future through a professional approach to hotel management and a strong brand with high levels of awareness.

I loved the high-resolution pics they have used on the homepage that depicts Istanbul so beautifully. With a very minimalist design and darkish colors that depicts luxury & royalty. And call to action section is beautifully highlighted using a lighter color to direct your attention to it. It arouses curiosity and you feel like traveling to those mysterious destinations.

Visit Dedeman Hotels & Resorts International Website

Gale Hotel

The Gale hotel is located in South Beach Miami Florida.

A total of 87 guest rooms convey the subtle, yet the lavish boutique appeal of the Gale Hotel. Designed to cater to every type of retreat, from overnight to extended vacation, guest rooms vary in size, while still maintaining mutual design themes and elements. Bedroom walls are clad in a black photo frame collage depicting the splendor of the ‘40s.

The website is predominantly whitish & black fonts. With different colors being added by the use of the beautiful beach and happy couple pics, depicting holidays & a feel of luxury.

The design stands out because of the square shapes & rectangles that have been used in the design of the hotel website.

Visit Gale Hotel Website

Hotel Predi Son Jaumell

It is nestled amidst nature. And that is what makes the hotel absolutely unique.

Nature is beautiful and just as powerful and its beneficial effects on our physical and emotional health are well known to all now. Son Jaumell offers you a few days of pure contact with nature and tranquility and all the benefits of relaxing in a rural setting.

The website is very minimalist. The colors are so very Mediterranean. The website is easy to navigate and the information is easy to find.

Visit Hotel Predi Son Jaumell Website

Le Richemond Hotel

An independent five-star luxury hotel founded in 1875 and a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Le Richemond is a Geneva legend.

Ideally located on the shores of Lake Geneva, it offers breathtaking views of the iconic Jet d’Eau and the highest peak in Europe, Mont Blanc. In 2018, The Richemond has earned the coveted 5-star in the famous Forbes Travel Guide.

This hotel website has a video as the background. It shows a guest arrive at the hotel, and then she is checked in to her room.

The walk to her hotel room is laden with luxury items. She goes to the balcony which has a million dollar view. Then she goes to a well-equipped gym.

I like the way they have used the video to highlight their hotel features & amenities.

The website has dark colors with the menu bar in black, and the fonts in white.

Visit Le Richemond Hotel Website

Casa Angelina

Sitting on the high cliffs of the Amalfi Coast, Casa Angelina offers a sublime slice of modern minimalism on the Mediterranean, with an emphasis on elegant simplicity and first-rate food.

An airy refuge, our boutique 39-room hotel is a place where guests can rediscover the forgotten rhythms of long, drawn-out days and easy, lingering evenings.

The website is primarily white with black and grey fonts. The website uses hamburger menu and Parallax images.

The beautiful images and videos of the hotel capture your imagination and you want nothing more than to be able to get away to that exotic destination in the Mediterranean.

Overall, a nice hotel website for your inspiration.

Visit Casa Angelina Website

Turneffe Island Resort

This private Caribbean island resort is located off the coast of Belize, just 30 miles from the world-famous Great Blue Hole. Spend your days with fins or fishing rod in hand, and live the life of a castaway.

The website is very thoughtfully designed. It is very minimalist with a video playing in the background. It has very little text, perhaps because the video & images say a lot more than words can ever do.

You actually feel how it is going to be when you are there. You can feel the sea, the corals, the beach, the sun, fishing, trees and a lot more.

Least menu items so that the user is least distracted and can focus on the background video.

Very beautiful website.

Visit Turneffe Island Resort Website

Magic of Lapland

Magic of Lapland in the Arctic is a family owned and run company focused on delivering the very best personal service from start to finish. We are immensely proud of our product and work with only the most like-minded partners to ensure that our trips are truly unforgettable.

The website gives you a feel of the magic, the Christmas, the snow, the starry nights of the Scandinavian region.

The website is very simple with menu bar background in dark shade with fonts in white. Not too much cluttered with just the right amount of information.

The images depict the true Scandinavia. They have different breaks for people looking for different kinds of activity. And each breaks page has images particularly suited for that activity. Designed to evoke emotions.

Very well planned website.

Visit Magic of Lapland Website

BEYOND by Geisel

Feel like home! This sentence you should take literally when staying at BEYOND.
The hosts welcome and care for you, like if you were a good friend that comes for a visit. They prepare something enjoyable to eat for you, know every insider tip of the city and always have an open ear. Welcome to your friend’s place!

The website is primarily darkish in color with headlines in white and the paragraph fonts in grey. The lighter images stand out on the dark background of the website.

The website uses Parallax so each layer flows over the other.

Overall a very nicely designed website. Would help you with your hotel design inspiration.

Visit BEYOND by Geisel Website

Coco Collection

When talking about Hotels & Resorts, can you leave out the Maldives? So here is our pick from the beautiful islands in the Indian Ocean.

Coco Collection specializes in creating true boutique luxury on some of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives.

Coco Privé Private Island offers guests the chance to escape to an entirely private island. Coco Bodu Hithi translates island life into contemporary sophistication. And Coco Palm Dhuni Kolhu is dedicated to the inspiring beauty and natural wonder of the Maldives.

The images of the towering Coconut trees, with the sun, sand & sea, reminds you that you are in the beautiful tropics and ready for your holidays.

The colors of the website rightly depict the ocean, sun, sand, the flora & fauna of the tropics, and corals etc.

So needless to say that you are drawn to it.

Visit Coco Collection Website

Tofino Resort

The ocean beckons you at the Tofino. It is the only waterfront resort & marina in Tofino British Columbia.

Step into British Columbia’s ancient and luscious Pacific Rim Park and explore all things adventurous, delicious and relaxing at our handsome, full-service waterfront resort and marina.

This is the bonus Resort for reading up to this point. So read on to see why we have listed it among the top Hotel website Inspiration post.

As with all of the other hotel & resort websites, it too starts with a full background image of the beautiful British Columbia’s Ariel view of the mountains and the ocean.

It uses Parallax, so images flow over each other giving that beautiful overlapping feel. I loved the Headline typography. You can feel the coarseness & the roughness of the sea and the salt. It is also colored appropriately to depict the color of the sea.

They also have a textured background that looks like salt sprinkled all over. Creative I would say.

Visit Tofino Resort Website

Final Thoughts

Hope you enjoyed our collection of the top 10 hotel & resorts website design & hope it served as your inspiration. Whatever reason you needed that inspiration for does not matter. What matters is you enjoyed visiting those sites and it got you into thinking & imagining.

If you missed any great hotels that you would like to add to the collection, you can suggest that in the comments or even email us. We may consider adding it if we love it enough.

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Also, let us know what other top 10 collections you would like to see in our upcoming posts.