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Fund Do

At Fund.Do, we understand the issues faced by businesses pertaining to the need for cash flow. Our dedicated team of professionals would help you manage your finances, making sure you never face the dearth of cash flow. We provide you with an array of factoring options depending on your specific business requirements. If you are certain about your revenue, you will not have to worry about your finances. Our team would provide you with robust Invoice Factoring services to help you settle all your dues well in time. If you belong to the medical and healthcare industry, our team would also provide you with specialised Medical Factoring services, helping you prevent any delays in making all your due payments. Our services also include providing Construction Factoring to help you cope with your finances in the construction sector, Staffing Factoring to keep your payroll running, Oil and Gas Factoring to ensure you never run out of your financial fuel, Freight Factoring to keep your logistics running and Transport Factoring to ensure there are no roadblocks in the way of smooth cash flow.

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