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Sublimio is a fluid communication studio, focused on excellence. – When a body is sublimated, its substance is elevated to become aeriform. In the same way, Sublimio elevates a brand communication while respecting its identity. This is our approach to brand creation. To achieve this, we adapt to the nature of each client with a fluid work model: based on the project, we involve the best communication professionals for each area and we organize them around an excellence-focused creative direction. This team effort creates brand identities, communication campaigns, social campaigns, content strategies, packaging designs. Under the lead of Matteo Modica, founder and Creative Director, Sublimio can change its size and composition in order to meet the real needs of each project. – We are a network of talents Strategist They are tasked with tracing a path for each project: by asking the right questions, they define brand strategy and communication strategy. Art Director Experts in brand creation and luxury communication, they put all their creativity and perfectionism into each project, logo, visual identity. Copywriter They speak the new languages of communication and they provide each project with the voice it needs. Be it an ad campaign, payoff or social asset, they find new points of view that surprise and seduce. Photographers In front of their lens, reality shows its best side: we work with photographers specialized in fashion, still life, portraits, documentaries, based on the needs of the project. Filmaker They tell stories with passion and craft. They are a new generation of videomakers, who know how to move, amuse, convince their audience. And – most of all – who know how to get watched. Developers They are born digital. They know that a website is part of a brand, so they regard coding as an art. Perfectionists, solvers and visionaries, they love a good challenge.

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